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Medium speed wire cutting has many advantages

Slow wire cutting is a wire EDM machine, which uses continuously moving filaments &40; called electrode wires&41; as electrodes, and the workpiece is etched, cut and shaped by pulsed spark discharge. It is widely used and important. In the production and processing of plastic molds and multi-station progressive molds, it can ensure good dimensional accuracy, which directly affects the assembly accuracy of the mold, the accuracy of the parts and the service life of the mold

Advantages of slow wire cutting:

1. Automatic threading performance

The success rate of automatic threading is greatly improved, and the curvature range of the corresponding welding wire coil is also expanded from 3% to 10%, which greatly improves the success rate of threading at the break point of the thick plate. (The line point is threaded in the water)

2. Improve processing accuracy

Equipped with sleeve linear motor drive, nanosecond response photoelectric drive system, servo amplifier and controller. Configure grating ruler to improve response speed and control accuracy, thereby improving cutting accuracy

3. Improve production efficiency

Improve power performance and realize high-speed processing of micro-surfaces. The standard configuration has a wealth of processing conditions (pay attention to the processing speed, nozzle separation and workpiece cutting conditions & 41

4. Energy saving and consumption reduction

Power consumption is reduced by 69%, filter cost is reduced by 45%, welding wire consumption is reduced by 46%, and ion exchange resin cost is reduced by 25%

5. Simple operation

It has the functions of process condition retrieval and item-by-item matching to improve retrieval performance; simple use of processing conditions;



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